Our Story

The Monaco Family


The Monaco story starts in 1868, in San Giovanni, province of Chieti, Italy, where Fred Monaco was born.

With a healthy appetite for adventure and an entrepreneurial nature, Fred and his wife packed their bags and set sail for South America, where they lived for nine years. At a time when air travel wasn’t yet possible, Fred and his wife sought new prospects in the United States. He packed up his family, who were amongst a shipload of passengers for twenty-seven days at sea, with only rice to eat and led their path from Buenos Aires to Philadelphia, PA where their ship was docked. Fred had ambitions to open a business, even while in South America, but didn’t find the right opportunity until it presented itself in 1905, when he came across a small commercial strip in Geneva, NY. Surrounded by some of the largest maple trees, the oldest brick houses in the Finger Lakes, and given its proximity to the local schools, the location was a perfect fit for a small grocery store.

Monaco’s Market opened in 1917 and quickly became a Geneva staple, surviving wars and economic downturns and providing the community with a multitude of cherished memories. The business was eventually taken over by Fred’s son, John, and remained open until the end of the century, serving it's last customer in 2000.


Monaco's Coffee Shop


Family friends, James Elkin and Josh Decker, conceptualized starting a coffee shop at the Monaco’s location 100 years after the birth of the Market.

They quickly settled on continuing and adding to the Monaco’s legacy by retaining the nostalgic name, hoping that choosing such an important historical name would preserve the rich history and culture that influenced and shaped Geneva, NY.

Geneva is densely packed with different ethnic and cultural identities, making it an especially interesting place to start a conversation around a cup of coffee. Their intent was to not only showcase some of the finest coffees around the world, but to also create an environment that fosters open dialogue, which will in turn, strengthen community bonds and help the region grow and flourish.

As Geneva natives, Josh Decker and James-Emery Elkin were no strangers to Monaco's Market. They were of the last generation to cash in their pennies for candy, hardly a stones-throw away, from where they went to middle school. But to know that on the one hundredth year anniversary of Monaco's opening, the two of them would be serving the first customers at their coffee shop, of the same name, in the very same place, it would have all seemed a bit scripted. Thankfully, that's how it all happened.

Monaco's Coffee opened in December of 2017.



   Monday-Friday 7:00am - 7:00pm ----- Saturday-Sunday 8:00am - 8:00pm